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About Us:

Many of Juliet’s customers know her as the face of her former company,  for over 15 years she managed sales and customer service on behalf of its Hong Kong-based parent company.  This longstanding relationship came to full fruition in 2015, with the founding of Juliet Gems & Jewelry under the blessings of, and coordination with Simon Tong.


Juliet Gems & Jewelry is the same company customers have come to know rely on, providing a wide range of high-quality products at a great price, combined with creative designs, knowledge of the markets, and professionalism.  This change in ownership allows Juliet Gems & Jewelry to expand its offerings to customers while retaining its Hong Kong supplier as the primary source for gems Juliet’s loyal customers keep coming back for.


Our mission is to help you bring quality and value to your customers.  This is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to building a successful future with you, our friends and customers.

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